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Book 5: The Lives of Slave Children

Over 218,000 Published!*

Paperback: 64 pages

ISBN: 1886766185

Price: $8.95

In the 1930's, thousands of former American slaves were interviewed in every southern state and in a few northern ones. They ranged from their seventies to over one hundred years of age. Tens of thousands of pages of these interviews are stored in about four archives across America.

In I WAS A SLAVE, the dictated words of the ex-slaves remain as they spoke them -- virtually unedited and usually in southern dialect. Included are their photographs and photos of real slave cabins and other artifacts used during slavery.

Except for a few explanatory pages, each book remains in their own words -- not rewritten. In their first-hand accounts, they tell what really happened during American slavery . Their words are amazing, tragic, hysterically funny, wise, highly educational, and spellbinding. This is a must-read series of books.

EXCERPTS from Book 5

JACOB BRANCH: Us chillen [children] start to work soon's [as soon as] us could toddle. First us gather firewood. Iffen it freezin' or hot, us have to go to toughen us up. When us git li'l bigger, us tend de cattle and feed hosses and hawgs [horses and hogs]. By de time us good sprouts, us pickin' cotton and pullin' cane. Us ain't never idle.

WILL DAILY: I seen some slaves sold off dat big auction block and de little chillun sho' would be a-cryin' when dey takes deir mothers away from dem.

HENRY KIRK MILLER: As fast as us children got big enough to hire out, she [the mistress] leased us to anybody who would pay for our hire. I was put out with another widow woman who lived about 20 miles. She worked me on her cotton plantation. Old Mistress sold one of my sisters and took cotton for pay.

THOMAS COLE: My sister's name was Sarah and my bother's name was Ben. We lived in one room of the Big House [the master's house], and allus [always] had a good bed to sleep in and good things to eat at the same table, after de white folks gits through.

LUCY GALLMAN: I was a girl in slavery, worked in the fields from the time I could work at all and was whipped if I didn't work. I worked hard.


The I WAS A SLAVE Book Collection is a series that will have 24 books. Currently, six books are available:

ALL SIX BOOKS in The I WAS A SLAVE Book Collection

I WAS A SLAVE: Book 1: Descriptions of Plantation Life
I WAS A SLAVE: Book 2: The Lives of Slave Men
I WAS A SLAVE: Book 3: The Lives of Slave Women
I WAS A SLAVE: Book 4: The Breeding of Slaves
I WAS A SLAVE: Book 5: The Lives of Slave Children
I WAS A SLAVE: Book 6: Slave Auctions

Each separate book contains the subject matter that relates to the subtitle. For example, in Book 5, many dozens of former American slaves tell about the work that slave children had to do during slavery and about their treatment. They talk about their masters, their punishments, their family relationships, their secrets, and details that only they knew.

Also included are several full-life stories that are completely in their own words, too.

To Educators: Only in this series can information be found about SPECIFIC subjects compiled into one separate book. No longer do you need to read thousands of pages to find details in the WPA slave narratives about the one subject that you want. We have done the work for you.

For a list of upcoming titles, click here.

I WAS A SLAVE: Book 5: The Lives of Slave Children

Price: $8.95

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